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Macie & Marlowe: A birth story

Posted on: Monday

It's been awhile since I've posted. It took a couple months to get adjusted to these bitty babettes and being a new mommy but we're doing it. I mean, we get dressed sometimes.  

I remember feeling as if I were going to be pregnant forever. Tuesday September 23rd, I was going into the hospital to be induced and the doctor was going to send me home and tell me that the girls would need to be in the womb indefinitely. The morning of induction day I sat in our kitchen window, hair done and makeup on, surfing the internet shopping for outfits I may one day get to wear again. It seemed like days waiting for the noon o'clock check-in hour.  
Jeff and I arrived at the hospital and were escorted to our room. We sat down in the corner together just the two of us in total silence. Neither of us had to say anything and knew exactly what the other was thinking. We were about to meet the babies we'd waited to meet for years.

The day was casual, Jeff set up the tv to stream movies and I got as cozy as I possibly couldn't on the hospital bed. The nurse was sweet and funny and put up with every bit of my fussing over the IV in my arm. After we settled in the nurse started the induction process. And then we waited, for hours, visiting with family and watching babies heart rates. This process replayed itself two more times. Ten hours of waiting and I was still dilated at a 0. I'd eaten dinner and done just about everything I could to keep myself from ripping the itchy straps off my stomach, IV out of my arm and waddle home screaming "I knew that I wouldn't get to meet them yet". The nurse was allowed to give it one more shot before she had to put a call into the doctor for more extreme measures, then BAM! I went from lying on my back in total boredom to bouncing on a medicine ball with a trash can next to me because I was going to lose the turkey dinner i'd eaten just before. I had extreme low back labor, Jeff used hot pads to push on my low back during each contraction. This lasted about 45 minutes until I was finally dilated to a 4, and the epidural was ordered. I was ecstatic that we made progress and trembling, literally. I'd never had shakes like that in my entire life. Once the epidural kicked in I was in better shape then when I walked in. I was able to relax in bed and look Jeff in the face. I told him to get into the diaper bag, I had a card for him. I wanted him to know how amazing he'd been throughout the entire pregnancy. I was so thankful to be pain free and to enjoy what was ahead. The nurse advised us to try and sleep, so we did.

It's time! The nurse popped in 45 minutes later to check my cervix and Macie had crowned. I had no idea! Because I was pregnant with twins, delivering in the operating room was mandatory. There was a 40% chance that I'd have to have a C-section on baby B if she flipped after baby A delivered naturally. My shakes returned when they wheeled me in the OR but they were worse; I was terrified. The room was bright white, almost blinding at first. I was introduced to two doctors and observed the eye's of nurses everywhere as most were covered from head to toe. The nurse I'd had for the last 9 hours was by my side and felt like my best friend. I remember thinking I wanted to grab drinks with her when I was normal again. She coached me through every push and put Jeff in the passenger seat. After 45 minutes of pushing in absolute pain free peace, Macie was born at 3am, 5.5 lbs. Jeff and I couldn't stop staring at her as she lay on my chest. Baby B (Marlowe) had flipped and they were struggling to get her positioned. fortunately after 11 minutes of minor panic and heavy pushing, Marlowe was born at 3:11am, 4.12 lbs.

Our little family spent the next four days living inside the sweetest and mushiest happy little bubble of our own at the hospital. It felt as if there was no world outside of it. It was scary, exciting and extremely difficult and I'd do it all over again just to experience it one more time. Jeff and I have been together for 12 years and have never been as close as we are now. 
Below I share some pictures to our story.

8 days old.


Sweater : American Apparel
Skirt : Kohls (not maternity but XL and stretchy works)
Shoes : Zara (sold out, similar HERE)

I just want to point out that these photos are in no way a reflection of my state of togetherness right now. I'm on my 4th week of wearing the same three stretch cotton outfits on rotation. Standing is the only comfortable position. I have itchy palms. I've mastered the skill of sleeping upright. And baby housing is so cramped their hiccups can be seen from across the room. Up close you can see foot imprints when Macie isn't happy with my ribs. It's incredible and incredibly painful at the same time.

Today marks the beginning of my 38th week of pregnancy and the beginning of my third week on maternity leave and these girls have yet to show any signs of budging. Fortunately this has provided Jeff and I with ample time to properly nest. And by nest I mean Jeff building lots of amazing things for our new house while I watch... if I'm not napping. One of which is our new modern fencing built with the help of our friend Ike. It's absolutely beautiful and most importantly, keeps Tucker and Paisley housed safely while outside. We love the deer that tromp through but the coyote fights we've heard from afar are frightening.

When we bought this house we sold almost all of our furniture from our previous home because of the style. We came from a traditional craftsman to an untouched mid-century modern and are totally adoring the transition. I'm also looking forward to getting my energy and motivation back so I can start sharing more of our new abode. Until then, next up are posts of our Wright ladies, Macie and Marlowe 

7 months | Watanabe wedding

Posted on: Wednesday

One month ago yesterday Jeff and I celebrated these two amazing humans, Elena and Adam Watanabe. There isn't anything this girl can't do nor is there a sweeter soul then hers. For example, you need a website built? ...she's the gal. A necklace designed, welded and brought to life? ...done, she's got you! Need a compliment to feel good about yourself? ...she will shower you. Photo session needs? ...she's my go to. Graphic design question? ...she has the answer. It's kind of amazing because she doesn't just brush the surface of any of the above, she masters at ALL of them. 
Elena, I love you and couldn't be happier for you and Adam. There isn't anyone I know more deserving then YOU! 

I write this post as I march into my 34th week of pregnancy, that's half way into my 8th month. Holy shit! Reflecting back on these 8 months I get so proud of my body and what it can do. There wasn't a day that passed I wasn't fearful at the possibility of losing these two baby girls that we've been waiting so long for. But, as I reach the end I begin to think that this feeling never leaves a parent no matter what age their child is at. I've never felt so close to my own mother as I do right now. I now understand her crying at every first day of school or waiting up at night until I came home in my teenage years. I'm 34 years old and I still have to text her when I arrive somewhere safely even if it's just the Oregon coast! I know I am going to be the exact same way. Life will forever be changed... amen!

The price is Wright | The 90's trend

Posted on: Tuesday

Dress : Urban Outfitters (sold out)
Shoes : Loeffler Randall (sold out)
Necklace : Etsy (similar)

If you hadn’t noticed that 90’s fashion has made it’s way back this year then get on the google and shop around for, well, a couple of seconds and you’ll see. Crop tops, windbreakers, overalls, hoop earrings, ditsy floral and sunflower prints, fannypacks, the normcore trend... the list goes on. Fashion cycles every twenty years so it looks like the nineties are back in full swing! Makes me feel like I’m reliving my high school days of watching My So-Called Life on my bean bag chair.  

This dress shown above may have been purchased recently from Urban Outfitters by me but I did own this exact dress in 1993. I know because I wore it to a middle school dance with Joey Brenner with my hair up in ringlets and I have proof! But... my mom and I cannot find the photo anywhere, when I do, oh you'll see! It's a good thing I scooted out with this $89 dress for $19 because I couldn't possibly pay a lot for something that used to be mine. I mean, how did they find it? 

These ditsy and sunflower prints, the ones I thought I would never love again are totally pulling at my heartstrings. So I put a collection together below of my favorites.

:: One
:: Two
:: Three
:: Four
:: Five

I'm 30 weeks pregnant this week. I'm also afraid I've run out of room for the girls to grow. According to all 5 apps I follow, they will double in size in the next 8 weeks! This is possibly where the outfit shots stop, and they house pictures begin! It could get awkward. 


6.29.14 | we were showered!

Posted on: Wednesday

Dress : H&M
Kimono : Zara
Shoes : Loeffler Randall (sold out)

Note: The pregnant specimen photographed above is not drinking real champagne. Meet Brut by Fre. It's the next best thing when alcohol is off-limits.

This week marks the 27th week of my pregnancy, the first week of my third trimester, and the second week of being in our new house. I'm taking it all in one day at a time, enjoying the journey, still yearning for time to slow down. 

My best girlfriends threw me the most beautiful lady party to celebrate our M&M girls last week. It meant the absolute world to see the amount of love for these two littles from the people who matter most in our lives. We are so fortunate to have these women as our girls role models and their mommy's rocks.
t h a n k   y o u !

6 months | the pregnant uniform

Posted on: Monday

This week we celebrate 6 months of healthy Wright Lady growth. Reality has set in, I am about to get much MUCH bigger than this!  

It's the moments surrounding this celebration that are the most entertaining. Costco sized tubs of Tums that accompany me at every meal. Checking my ankles everyday to see if they are as big as they feel. And somehow forgetting that I have a soccer ball attached to my front side and can't fit through small spaces sideways anymore.

I am happy to be here at these six months. It’s been a distracting period of time in my life where I haven’t been able to listen to my body fully. Until the twins move, nothing really changes or stops in it’s place. Everyone around me continues on with what they are doing, unaware that I am getting to secretly memorize everything about these tiny girls as we share this space together. In these moments, It feels like it’s just us.

Today Jeff and I signed on our new house. I don't even know what to do with myself I'm so excited. You know when you've wanted something so badly, it consumes your every thought? I can't tell you how many lists I've made organizing a game plan, listing out projects and have gathered every little thing to have at hand for that day we get our keys. For some reason I feel as if those lists and game plans will wash to the wayside once we're in the space. I hope I'm able to be at peace with this process of moving into a home that needs TLC, all over again. I keep chiming... "One room at a time, one room at a time". 

This past May

Posted on: Wednesday

Leggings! Those stretchy tubes that cover ones limbs. The piece of clothing I'm not sure what I'd do without. It's the simple pleasures that soft stretchy fabric sewn to fit any body brings especially to a pregnant lady. To me, it's the one item of clothing that's made denim feel like pulling on cardboard these days. So, I have to mention this brand that's made comfort cute and great leggings affordable. Tummy Tuck Legging by M Rena at Portland's boutique Shop Adorn. The fabric is unlike any other. They're incredibly soft to the touch, velvety, and the stretch makes it feel like a second skin. The waistband is probably the best part as it covers and pulls everything in. Yes please!

Tshirt : American Apparel
Vest : Aritzia
Leggings : Shop Adorn (M Rena Tummy Tuck Leggings)
Shoes : Madewell 

Our home for the past 8 years has been turned over to the buyers as of Monday. I can't even start to explain the pain I had walking out the front door for the very last time. The memories were pulling at every limb of my body as I closed the door behind me. The thought of our two girls never getting to experience living there or walking those cute streets of our neighborhood aches me. The details and time we put into touching every inch inside and out to make that house ours; it brings tears to my eyes.

Inexplicably weird pregnancy dreams are nothing new around here. I recently dreamt I was traveling for vacation and work for 3 straight weeks, then returned home to pack an entire house and store it all within two weeks, meanwhile frantically searching for a house or apartment for our growing family. Well, it happened, May 2014 in my mind will always be known as one long dream of chaos because I'm pretty sure I wasn't awake for any of it. Thankfully it ended with finding a roomy home that we close on in just one short week.

Aside from traveling, house hunting, packing and waiting to close on our new house, this quiet time Jeff and I get to spend together during this lull is thoroughly enjoyed. I personally have not experienced this kind of down time since my first trimester when I couldn't bare to show my face in public from nausea. My mom and step dad are gracious and brave enough to take the homeless in, along with the hairy kid and the remaining crap we couldn't fit in storage. And, we love them for it. My mom is the most generous, loving, and care-taking human on this planet and am so thankful for this time with her and my step dad again. I'm not sure why I ever moved out.

Amid all of this I am consistently reminded that something pretty fascinating is happing inside of me. It's pretty surreal to be interrupted during the most mundane parts of my day by these little ladies. Just reminding their mommy that they're going to be the most important piece in her life. Life is feeling so different, so unfamiliar, and so amazing. 

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