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Four months

Posted on: Monday

Earrings : Steven Alan (Sold out but similar at Yo Vintage)
Shirt : PDX Collective
Button up : Vintage find
Jeans : Zara (Similar HERE)
Shoes : Fiel

Did you know that a persistent eye twitch is a pregnancy side effect? 
This eyelid twitch has been tap dancing on my left eyeball on and off, all day long, two weeks strong and no slowing down. No complaints here, keeps things interesting. Celebrating each week of healthy double babe growth as we reach our 4 month mark today. Crazy to think I'm about half way there, being that there's two and probably won't carry until my due date. Although that would be nice considering we're basically homeless at the end of May. Still house hunting so wish us luck. Meanwhile we'll be in Hawaii for a couple weeks with our favorite crew getting lei'd! 

xoxo MW

The Price is Wright | April's eBay share

Shirt : J. Crew 
Jeans : Levi's
Shoes : Alloy
Belt : American Apparel

April's eBay share: A.P.C. Halfmoon Purse for $72.00.
Do you ever shop online as if you had all the money in the world, place whatever you want in your shopping basket like you're actually going to check out and close the browser immediately after seeing the balance? I know, right!?! Well, this purse I couldn't stop thinking about well after one of these faux shopping sprees. Who doesn't like a good hand-me-down, yeh?

Belly update! You'd think I'd have one by now, can I get a hell yah? Well, these bitty babes must have sprouted over night because I've finally popped myself a cute and obvious baby bump within this last week just after these photo's were taken. This really changes everything you guys. I was running out of clothes that could hide what looked like I ate 3 meals at once. The important things you know?

xoxo, MW

Candy pink and primaries | Color Coded

Posted on: Sunday

Red, Blue and… Pink. So playful, confident and sophisticated when paired with variations of black, brown or white. 
Color coded : Any three colors that are directly next to each other on the color wheel are considered analogous colors. Blue and red cuddle each other on the color wheel, then when mixed together you get magenta, it's tertiary color baby. Wearing color shouldn't intimidate. It's about finding combinations that are flattering on you and being willing to experiment. 
Unfortunately my look is missing a red hit. I should have written this post prior to the event I wore this to so I knew how to do it Wright! 

Jeff and I are feeling super special after reading all of your sweet comments about our double dittle duo that's on their way. I'm looking forward to showing an obvious tummy, right now it just looks like I have a serious case of front butt. Stretch pants are my best friend. 

Wright NEWS!

Posted on: Monday

Yes, twins.

13 weeks today and feeling so grateful to be double lucky! And can I point out how extremely excited I am to see Jeff as a 'daddy'. I mean, seriously! He melts my insides just watching him with our furry's. 

A big thank you to our friends and family who have been so supportive during this first trimester. It's hard to imagine feeling anything other then extreme joy when you find out your pregnant especially when you've been trying for as long as we have. But, first trimester side affects are no joke. I'm happy to have made it through those weeks and am ready to feel these babes kick. 

Michele Wright

Hello, spring

Posted on: Thursday

It's the first day of Spring! Open arms to the promise of longer, warmer, sunnier days. 
Is your closet Spring ready? I've put together a little list of styles to help guide you to smart, trend right purchasing during this season transition. 

1. Orange is the new black.
This fiery hue has been spotted all over spring 2014 ready-to-wear shows from clothes to accessories. (Style shown from ZARA)

2. Boxy, cropped jackets and collarless coats.
This boxy, cropped silhouette can come in a plethora of prints and textures to pair easily with trousers or your go-to jeans. Timeless and comfortable. (Style shown from ZARA)

3. The shift blouse.
Almost like a dressy version of a T-shirt but much more sophisticated. Have fun with extra details like prints, textures and varying necklines. Look for styles with a near-elbow-length sleeve in a boxy silhouette. Both flattering and versatile. (Style shown from ZARA)

4. Black & White. 
The combination of black and white is proving it's staying power. From head-to-toe black and white or a striped T and floral skirt. (Bag shown from J.Crew)

5. Tea-length skirts. 
This ladylike hemline is all over the marketplace. Pair it with a cropped top to offset the length or try it in a sleeveless dress (keep it modern and sexy by showing some shoulder with this dress length). This style is between a midi and maxi length and is it for spring. (Style shown from Topshop)

6. Because every girl needs a pair of Prada sandals. 

Color :: Soft springtime shades reigned throughout 2014's spring fashion show collections. Different colors from pink, purple, green, coral and blue. Fortunately you won't feel like the Easter Bunny if you wear it. Have fun!

1211 NE Sold

Posted on: Wednesday

When Jeff and I decided to sell our 1901 home, we had no idea it would sell so quickly. Within four hours of hitting the market we had accepted an offer above our listing price. Bitter sweet being that it's now our turn. Meanwhile, we're packing our bags, boxing our dishes, purging the unnecessary and preparing for a long search ahead and are totally looking forward to it. Fortunately Jeff and I make an incredible team and enjoy a good reno so we're open for anything. Until then, perhaps I'll share a glimpse into The Wright Shack along with stories of cramped living along the way. At least one day I'll be able to look back and laugh. 

Clean lines

Posted on: Thursday

Turtleneck : J. Crew
Hat : Brixton
Jeans : 7 For All Mankind (sold out but similar HERE)
Ring : Shopbop
Nail Polish : Essie

I found myself another turtleneck but in a tissue tee just in time for spring to show it's face. Loving the idea that longer, warmer days are in arms reach. Perfect time for some Spring cleaning. I've tackled mine, have you? 

We're full force ahead at the Wright house. Our 1901 home goes on the market by morning and we can hardly handle it. As excited as I am to move on to our next project, I am just as sad that this place we've called home, where we brought our hairy babies into our family, and put our blood, sweat and tears into is just going to be a cherished memory soon. 2014 has been great to us so far so I can only hope that this house hunt will be a successful one. Until then, we'll be shacked up in a tiny month to month apartment, so everyone join me in crossing your fingers, please! 

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