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M&M Turn ONE | The birthday Party

Posted on: Friday, October 02, 2015

   What an amazing feeling to see all of our favorite people in one place loving our two big girls. It 
   meant the world to us to have each and every one of you there to celebrate a huge milestone. I'd say 
   see you next year but #2 will be much smaller and quieter. xoxo

Macie Lou & Marlowe turn ONE | Wise words from Daddy

Posted on: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

1. Love. Love your family, love your blankie, love your bear-bear, love your pets, love your friends, love your boyfriend, love music, love art, love your wife. But please just love. It’s amazing, it’s horrible. It ruins things and makes everything better. It’s life.

2. Don’t take life too seriously. School is important, family is important, friendships are important, love is important, but it’s the totality of everything that defines your happiness. There are many paths in this life, and until you explore, experiment…create and won’t have a clue to what’s right for you.

3. You actually CAN enjoy what you do for a living. They never talked about this when I was in school. You took aptitude tests and were given career options. We didn’t discuss this at home either, and if done right, might be the most impactful focus of your middle through high school years.
4. Contrary to popular belief, we do not live in a “texting” society. Fat fingers and predictive text errors are only permissible while using your phone. If you misspell words and have terrible sentence structure while addressing clients or colleagues, you won’t look efficient, you’ll look uneducated. Command of a language is one of the biggest assets one can possess. Spelling, grammar, the ability to carry a conversation, these all matter. In fact, proficiency in these can make up for so many other shortfalls you may have.

5. Learn a second, third or fourth language. In so many cultures this is the norm. Americans are egotistical, lazy, and extremely ignorant. It will provide opportunities that 95% of your peers never knew existed and more than likely lead you to a happier life.

6. Have at least one job in the food/service industry. I have had a few great jobs and 30 shitty ones. Delivering pizzas and washing dishes had a profound impact on how I view this world. For the most part they’re thankless jobs but understanding how a simple smile, larger tip, or engaging conversation can turn one’s day around is truly a gift.

7. Be situationally aware. Know that your actions have consequences. This could be snapchatting, driving or standing in line for a movie. It all matters. No matter what utopian society your mother convinces you we live in.  

8. Travel, travel, travel. I never really traveled before I met your mother. I drove across the country and back and lived in New Orleans and Seattle for short stints but that was about it. The majority of my close friends have been around the world several times and it really makes up a huge part of their character. Start traveling before you settle into a serious relationship, before you start your career, before you have a car payment or a mortgage or start paying down your student debt (we’ll do what we can)… There are so many things to learn and experience in this world. At the end of the day it’s your memories, not your belongings that really matter.

9. Be appreciative. For access to food, water, education, love, privilege. For quite literally being able to achieve ANYTHING that you want to. Most humans lack access to these basics of life. You are not owed anything. Understand this and find your lane whatever it may be, but don’t ever think you were shorted.

10. It’s OK to make mistakes. God knows your father’s made considerably more than one should ever be allowed. Almost everything that I know to be true in life has come from either catastrophically failing or going out on the thinnest limb.

The secret is to just be worldly, be conscious, be alive, be giving, have morals and treat others like you’d like to be treated. And most importantly, be happy. 

Photography: Margaret Jacobsen

Color Coded | Indi-go-go

Posted on: Monday, September 14, 2015

Top : Madewell
Jeans : Point Sur
Jacket : Asos
Shoes : Vintage 
Bag : Etsy

Indigo.  It's everywhere and it’s not just for your favorite pair of jeans anymore. It’s great because it works from head to toe. So layer it to create dimension within a classic hue. 

A fellow twin mom and friend of mine recently posted a blurb on a forum I follow, "Parents of Multiples" that touched me. She wrote about the time she'd spent that morning and expressed her frustrations. That morning was extra special to her because for the first time in 21 months she'd been able to sit and enjoy the morning with just one of her twin boys because the other had slept in. They had breakfast together, read the books he wanted to read and played outside while she enjoyed her coffee. It had solidified the fears she had when she'd found out she was carrying twins; something I feared as well. The inability to fully focus on one child during the most precious time. She wrote about the happiness she felt in that moment with one, but then expressed the sadness that soon followed realizing what she'd feared was true. I hear you friend!
I have separation anxiety and often fear leaving them, even for a quick trip to the grocery store. I stare at each one of them for so long I've probably given them a complex. I never wish time away or look forward to tomorrow even at our worst. And I am so thankful for each moment to a fault, it's often a distraction. Just know fellow multiples mommies and daddies... There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared for: twins. 

Color Coded | Bright Chrome

Posted on: Friday, August 07, 2015

This color code is brought to you by a new hair color that requires bi-weekly toning and a dress plucked up from Anthropologie's sale on sale on sale. 

I read a quote the other day that I'd never read before, it's by the great Dr. Seuss of course. "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory". 
Last Saturday I was sitting with my girls in our living room while Jeff was away at work. Macie was unfolding all the laundry I'd just organized, Marlowe was screaming because her milkie's weren't heating up fast enough, they'd both just pooped and needed diaper changes and was about an hour past their nap time; which every parent knows is a the most sacred daily event known to mankind. I hadn't showered in 48 hours and was covered with food and slobber. The pre-child Michele would have been traumatized by the future if given a glance into that moment. There's no doubt that it's the most exhausting, challenging and emotional time in my life but it's also the greatest pleasure. It's taught me patience, selflessness and most of all has allowed me to be the nurturing human I'd been yearning for. It has put life into a new perspective... Shit really doesn't matter. No one cares if the house is messy or if I wore the same t-shirt and jeans the last 3 times you've seen me and I'm not hard on myself if I don't post anything on here for 3 months. And, most of all life is as good as it can get if my family is happy and healthy. 

So, cheers to you Dr. Seuss. And cheers to dressing up and getting a sitter for the night every once in awhile. 

Mid-Century Remodel | Part 1

Posted on: Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Are you ready for this? You're about to get a crap load of posts about remodels, babies and one happy wife and mommy who almost has her life back. 
We broke ground mid-April on what we thought would be a two month project. Four months later we're wrapping up the last two segments of the remodel, one of which was a last minute add on with Jeff doing all of the work. 
This "Part 1" post is showcasing the "cooks" portion of the kitchen. We've repositioned appliances, hung fresh sheet rock, replaced ceiling, refinished floors, well, every inch in this space is brand new. 
These cabinets you see, they're Ikea. You might not recognize them if you've considered using their product because these are not one of the ten panel options they carry. Instead, there's a company that builds custom doors and drawer faces for ikea cabinets called Semi-Handmade. It's handmade craftsmanship for a lower price, which allowed us to splurge a little in other places. It was imperative for me to have a kitchen that was clean, open and airy. I didn't even want a gas stove, the idea of running a cleaning rag across a flat induction cooktop was way more appealing to me, and lets face it, I'm not a chef by any means. We also opted to do without upper cabinets because I want to live minimally; this space is really organized for our daily cooking and eating. It's nice to not have room to store multiples of things and stay clutter free. It doesn't seem like that much cabinet space but the bottom large drawer by the fridge is completely empty. There is however a very large pantry that beautifully stores our food, small appliances and bakeware which I'll show in Part 2 or 3. 
Jeff and I work really well together on remodels, we both appreciate good design and love the challenge of rehabbing old homes. But we're both glad it's almost over. 
Details of this remodel after photo's below.

BEFORE pictures of original kitchen:


Lighting : Cedar & Moss
Door handles : School House Electric
Countertops : Caesarstone Pure White Quartz
Sink Faucet : Newport Brass
Pot Filler : Newport Brass
Wall Shelf with Brass Prism Brackets : West Elm

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