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The Price is Wright | April's eBay share

Posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014

Shirt : J. Crew 
Jeans : Levi's
Shoes : Alloy
Belt : American Apparel

April's eBay share: A.P.C. Halfmoon Purse for $72.00.
Do you ever shop online as if you had all the money in the world, place whatever you want in your shopping basket like you're actually going to check out and close the browser immediately after seeing the balance? I know, right!?! Well, this purse I couldn't stop thinking about well after one of these faux shopping sprees. Who doesn't like a good hand-me-down, yeh?

Belly update! You'd think I'd have one by now, can I get a hell yah? Well, these bitty babes must have sprouted over night because I've finally popped myself a cute and obvious baby bump within this last week just after these photo's were taken. This really changes everything you guys. I was running out of clothes that could hide what looked like I ate 3 meals at once. The important things you know?

xoxo, MW


  1. Those shoes!!! I may have to copy. Love them. :)

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